Wednesday, March 19 – Part Two

Another busy day including baby steps to celebrate!

Tara and Eric decided to work with Jackie on the gravity table.  He was able to stay in the upright position longer than yesterday.  They worked on his neck strength and also tested him on item recognition.  Tara held two items up from within the room and asked Jackie to pick the one she wanted him to give to Eric.  She also held out a marker and told him to let her know when she said its correct color.  When she said orange, he grabbed the marker and tried to take the top off, so she let him scribble on some paper.  It was not legible but a wonderful baby step forward.

Our favorite Trauma doc told us while Jackie was in the ICU that many coma patients wake up swearing and the Mom’s are mortified.  She said she could not wait for the day for Jackie to swear at her.  Well….Jackie still can’t speak, but when he was in the upright position on the gravity table Jim told him that his doc was here to visit. He immediately and purposefully raised a certain finger and then for the very first time tried to laugh.  Whether he did this on purpose or whether it was part of the waking up process we didn’t care.  He made everyone laugh including himself and it felt good!  All the excitement was a little too much stimulation and his heart rate elevated to the point where he was lowered and put back in bed.

Lenora came back and did exercises using the speaking valve on Jackie’s trach.  He coughed and resisted at first, but is slowly getting used to it.  We did not get many sounds out of him today.  She did; however, get Jackie to open his mouth a little bit.  She was even able to brush the front portion of his tongue.  She used different techniques to make his tongue move.  Talk about taking things for granted.  Hopefully more sessions will help Jackie move his tongue better and swallow. All big steps in the right direction.

Jackie had to suffer through a couple different attempts to get his system to move and the final one worked.  Hoping this will be the last time we have to kick start the digestive track.

His nutrition started up again at a very slow rate.  We are praying that his body processes it correctly this time.

It is said that God doesn’t give you things you can’t handle.  I’m not sure why Jackie was the one to suffer the most injuries that night or why it seems like there are more steps back than forward sometimes, but I do know we are doing the best we can and digging deep for the strength to get through it.  One thing is for certain, we have never met so many genuinely caring and giving people ever.  Thanks to all of you for touching our lives with your love.