Wednesday, March 19

We are celebrating a night without Jackie getting sick.  He rested comfortably despite the fact that we restarted all of his meds that are administered through his feeding tube. His heart rate is dropping to more normal levels and his blood pressure medicine has been reduced.

The Neuro team will be up to make sure his neuro function and swelling is still ok despite these changes in vitals.  We also plan to speak with the Trauma doc.

Jackie is still having issues with getting his system going.  We are continuing meds and other measures to help him.

PT is planning to work with Jackie early this afternoon.  Lenora, ST, came into the room and gave us some laminated sheets that will help us try to communicate better with Jackie until he learns to talk.  She also wrote small word commands to see if he could read and follow them.  The toughest one said – Hold out 4 fingers- he did!  She is planning to come back later this afternoon to keep working with his speaking valve and also mouth movement.  To date he only opens his mouth to yawn.  The staff has only been able to access his teeth from the front since he keeps his mouth closed.

This morning he got his second shower.  They moved him by board to the PVC rolling table in order to transport him.  They said he seemed to enjoy the warm water.  He actually for the first time had small goose bumps.  He was always warm up until now.

Today is day 24.  It seems like our Jackie is in there even though his body, his expressions and his eyes are not really showing that.  This is where we realize that the rehab road is long, but we are thankful for our blessings every day as we have this chance to help him emerge from the fog. We love you so much Jackie and are awed by your strength.

Will post again tonight.