Thursday, March 20 – Part Two

Rehab Decision – After touring the two TBI rehab facilities in Philly, we have decided to apply for admission to the Neurorehabilitation Center for Brain Injury at Magee in center city Philly.  There were many reasons why we picked this center, one of them being the Lifetime Follow-up System of Care.  They have a great facility and staff including an Iron Man-like walking apparatus.  They also have additional rehab programs not offered at other facilities.  We can now start the process of getting ready for the next leg of the marathon.

Jackie’s day was busy as usual.  His PT/OT session included assisted sitting on the side of the bed and leg work. He also did other strength training exercises.  Tara got out the paper and marker again today and Jackie made more deliberate strokes on the paper.  Great progress!  He then was moved to the chair for a while before getting back in bed. Last night Jim attempted to transform Jackie’s beige helmet into Flyers colors with a permanent sharpie.  It looks ok, but needs some stickers to complete the updated design.  Can’t wait to hear what Tara and Eric think about the new look.

Even though he did not have ST today, Lenora will be happy to know that he wore his speaking valve the majority of the day and tolerated it well.

Our Trauma doc stopped by and spoke with my Mom and Dad and Jackie’s nurse.  She was happy with his nutritional progress and hopes to get him back up to his goal by tomorrow.

Jackie needed help once again today to get his system moving.  Hopefully his body will not need help tomorrow.

Another one of Jackie’s ICU nurses is going to sit with Jackie for us tonight so we can catch up on sleep and get back to our regular routine tomorrow.

As always, thanks for sending your positive thoughts and prayers our way.  Jackie is making great progress but has some miles to go before getting to the finish line.