Friday, March 21

day of realization.

Jackie had a fairly restful night.  Kendall played some calming music for him and he slept a couple hours.  So did Jim and I.  Sleep was good for all of us.

As I was going downstairs this morning to pick up a quick breakfast for Jim and I in the cafeteria, I was listening to conversations of hospital co-workers and was paying closer attention to the responses I was receiving from my morning salutations.  One person just started his day and was already wishing for quitting time, others were complaining about things that seem so absolutely insignificant to us now.  I guess until you live through something like we are, it is normal to complain and wish away your days.  I remember doing that some days.  Now we look forward to every minute celebrating things that don’t even rank on ‘big deal’  lists.

The PT team came in bright and early today.  They decided to get Jackie back up on the gravity table.  It took a little bit to get his heart rate at a good spot, but then he was raised to close to standing position.  Jackie seems to like standing up.  Who wouldn’t after lying in bed for 26 days.  He seemed a little tired today and after one round of item recognition didn’t want to keep participating.  He did hold the marker the correct way and was able to recreate letters that Tara wrote down for him first.

ST was making their rounds and stopped in.  Lenora showed Jackie an app on her iPad that had icons of expressions.  She asked him to select the icon that showed a happy face.  His motor skills still need much refinement so he kept hitting the wrong icons with other parts of his hand as he was trying to get his index finger to the right one. When asked how he felt, he pointed to the worried and confused icons.  I think Jackie is starting to realize and internalize the fact that he has been in the hospital for a while and is trying to sort everything out.  After having some days of laughter, I guess we were due for a day of realization.

Jackie is still making progress in baby steps and has come an incredible way in just the last two weeks.  Based on his injury, his progress can only be explained as a result of prayer. He is doing more now than the docs ever thought he would be doing at this point.

Our Trauma doc stopped in and we reviewed Jackie’s meds and everything we could think of from head to toe. We will really miss her when we eventually head to McGee.

Every minute of every day is such a gift.  I hope that you can find ways to celebrate very small moments in your lives and stop wishing those precious hours away.  Will post again tonight.