Saturday, March 22 – Part Two


There are many things said about patience.  To have the patience of Job or that patience is a virtue.  I can tell you Jackie’s marathon to recovery will require more patience than we ever thought we could have.  As I sit beside his bed, I without question am absolutely thankful for the progress he has made for it is truly due to Gods goodness.  At the same time I so want him to wake up, say Hi Mom, and head back home to the way life used to be.  I  am praying that we will get to that day but until then…patience.

Jackie was in his chair twice today.  The second time was much later in the day than we had anticipated but we are glad he was able to get there.  Being in a more vertical position can only aid in his recovery.

He is once again struggling with his nutrition.  We were taking things slow and then ramped up to his optimum level.  He is not keeping up with that level.  We once again are going through the steps to turn off the nutrition and then start back again at lower levels…patience.

Jackie had the speaking valve on for a while today and continues to tolerate it well.  Jim also worked with Jackie moving his legs and arms.  Everything will just take time and of course patience.

One very special moment today was when Lindsay arrived.  Jackie hasn’t seen her or Florent for a week.  His eyes moved as best as they could toward hers and you could sense he had a feeling of peace that she was there.

We will continue to take one day and one week at a time, praying for healing and patience.