Dear Jackie,

As I sit here on your bed, moving up and down-side to side thanks to its usual automated motion, I can’t help but be in complete awe of how far you’ve come.

You’ve laughed today, smiled, said I love you in sign, kissed my hand which made my heart melt completely and tears well up in my eyes, found the laces on the foam football we brought for you and had fantastic form by the way. This is not the Jackie we saw in the first night. You are now much healthier, stronger and alert than anyone thought possible.

You’ve shown that no violent, senseless act will tear us apart as a family and that you will be the one to win the marathon while they are stuck at the back of the crowd coming in last.

No longer will I ever take laughter, small moments, health, walking, running or simple tasks for granted. Every day that goes by is a reminder of how remarkable of a person you are and I just want you to know that today you inspire more people than you will ever know!!

Love does conquer all. You are the proof of that. Nothing can stop us from trying and giving up, ha, that’s not even an option.

To Philly and beyond, you got this and we’re running right beside you.

Big hugs (which I miss so much),
– Sis