Sunday, March 23 – Part Two

We were able to get Jackie back in the chair again.  He seemed a little more comfortable this time.  They move Jackie to the chair in the same way they move him to the shower transport table, with a board and a series of pulls with the sheets that he is laying on.  It is a science and the staff does a nice job of ensuring his safety during the entire process.

Before he was moved he was given something to help his system move.  When I left for my nap, nothing had happened.  I said a little prayer when I got back to the room for it to work.  The next step to helping him is not pleasant but would be necessary if things didn’t move.  PTL – when I arrived back in his room there was success nearly 30 minutes prior to when the next procedure was to take place.  I know this seems crazy to be celebrating small things like this, but in actuality they are big wins.

Our Trauma doc stopped in to check on Jackie.  If you remember this is the doc who Jackie shared a particular hand gesture with and then laughed.  She thought everything was going as could be expected and when she left the room she said “I love you” and Jackie replied with the sign language symbol that matched her words.  We feel blessed and comforted to be under her care.

There was only one other time today that Jackie shared the I Love You sign.  It was when Jackie was in the chair for the first time.  Lindsay was sitting a little distance from Jackie and randomly displayed the sign without saying a word.  Jackie must have seen her and before she knew it, he replied with the same gesture.

I am hoping for a peaceful nights rest for Jackie as tomorrow is the start of a new week with therapy sessions and doc visits.

I’m sure I will have more updates tomorrow.  Don’t forget to tell your loved ones how you feel about them, even if it is only with a simple hand gesture.