Monday, March 24


Jackie followed the same pattern last night.  He slept for about 3.5 hours with just brief periods of waking.  He then woke up and took a couple little naps, but none very long.  We will continue to work toward longer rest periods at night.  He is taking a nap now.

The hospital is alive again. Waiting rooms, lobby areas, the cafeteria and even Jackie’s floor is buzzing with activity.  The hospital work week begins.

From a nutritional perspective it was a good night.  Jackie’s residuals, a check for the amount of stomach content, was low enough to keep him at the higher infusion rate.  PTL. He only has a small step to go to get back up to his goal.  I plan to speak with the dietitian this morning.

We decided to start working on Jackie’s system early today to give his body time to work.  We are hoping with his upcoming PT session, it will help get things moving.

We are anticipating a visit from the Neuro team.  We are interested in knowing their thoughts for next steps.  They will need to decide if any procedures are necessary to address the extra fluid in Jackie’s brain prior to releasing him to go to Magee.  Their decision will determine how much longer we stay here.

The sun is shining in on Jackie’s face and has to feel good.  I wait with anticipation for the day he can feel a breeze and be out in the fresh air and sunshine again.  Don’t complain about the brightness of the sun in your eyes, put on your shades and revel in its beauty and warmth.

I’ll post again tonight.