Thursday, March 27

Surgery Update

Jackie is out of surgery and according to the doc it went well.  PTL!

Jackie was taken from recovery to get a CAT scan.  The lumbar drain is still in place and will be used if necessary to drain any excess spinal fluid that his body does not eliminate and process on its own.

We now take things one day at a time, closely watching the pressure in his brain.  If we find that his body is unable to drain the excess fluid we will move to the next step of the plan. We will cross that hurdle when we get to it.

We feel very blessed for the medical teams that have worked on him since we have been here.  Several OR employees who assisted in Jackie’s first surgery were also assisting today.   We thank you and the docs for taking such good care of our precious Jackie.

Right before Jackie went into surgery, we called Lindsay and held up the phone to his ear.  After I took the phone away, Jackie started to cry.  I’m sure Lindsay’s voice comforted him and gave him added strength to get through the surgery.

I’ll post again tonight.