Wednesday, March 26 – Part Two

Jackie is tolerating the drain well.  He just showed signs of some discomfort so the nurse plans to give him some Tylenol.  Every hour she has been releasing spinal fluid from his drain.

The ST team stopped by.  We did not use the speaking valve.  Lenora continued her work with Jackie on intentional swallowing using very small pieces of ice.  She also cleaned his teeth and was able to clean a small portion of his tongue.  He did not like that.  At this point he is still unable to stick his tongue out.

Jackie has lost weight.  I will be glad when he is back to his tube feeds and eventually eating real food again.  He definitely needs to put some pounds back on.

Jackie is getting a new roommate. I am hoping there is not too much activity on the other side of the curtain tonight.

His surgery to replace the bone flaps is scheduled for 9am tomorrow morning.

Thanks for sending positive thoughts and prayers our way.