Tuesday, April 1

A new leg of the marathon starts soon.

Jackie’s day started with a CAT scan. The result would determine our next steps.  As in days past we waited anxiously to meet with the Neuro team.  The images indicated a stable condition in Jackie’s brain.  PTL!  We got the green light to go to Magee!  We may be heading to Philly as early as tomorrow or Thursday.  There are tons of communication and coordination that need to be resolved prior to our departure.  All we know is that we need to be ready to go tomorrow just in case.  This is truly a blessing and a day we have been praying would actually come to fruition.

One of the check list items for rehab admission is to have a current PT/OT and ST update.  The Geisinger PT team had Jackie sitting on the side of the bed and held him up in the standing position.  That must have been a bright spot for Jackie.  They also did other exercises to evaluate his strength and physical ability.  Since Jackie passed the swallowing test yesterday, Lenora with ST, gave him ice chips, licks off a lollipop and even a small taste of a special purée of YORK Peppermint Patties and milk.

The road ahead will be full of tough and tiresome days for Jackie. We will have to continue to keep a close eye on his neuro functions.  If any decline is seen, the solution may still be a shunt. He will also face challenging therapy sessions that will ultimately help him break free from a body that has kept him trapped for 37 days and counting.

I may have one more day of single posts but should be able to get back on track with two posts a day soon.  Thanks for your continued positive thoughts, prayers and support.