Wednesday, April 2

Road to Rehab

By 10:30 this morning we were on the road to Magee Rehab in Philly.  Jim rode in the ambulance and I followed in our car.  We didn’t anticipate being discharged from the hospital that early this morning, but we were ready for the possibilities that await Jackie.

To say the morning was a whirlwind of activity would be an understatement.  There was much to do and many good byes to be said to the different teams who have cared for Jackie for the last 5.5 weeks.

The ambulance ride took about 2.5 hours to get here.  From Jackie’s cough and facial expressions, Jim could tell he seemed a little queasy about half way through the ride. He was given a shot of something to help calm him down.

When we arrived, we met Jackie’s nurse and then we met with some of the doctors while he was accessed by other members of the staff.  When we come back to his room, Jackie seemed very restless.  He also seemed scared.  Since one of us has been by his bedside since the beginning, it must have been odd for him to not have one of us there.

Jim and I have decided to stay with him in his room for now.  We will  likely start taking shifts or possibly switch on and off nights until he gets accustomed to the new place.  They do have staff that sit with him, but neither Jim or I know them that well and it is hard to drop our guard at this point.

I’m hoping we see him smile again tomorrow, as he still does not seem quite right.  The staff has been great so far and we will just need to take things one day at a time.

Thanks for your prayers.