Dear Jackie,

This week started out on the highest high note we could ever hope for. You had received the news that Magee was within reach and were headed to the rehab center the next morning. I got the call from mom telling me she was in her car (Betty, as we call it at home) and following behind you and dad in the ambulance. She sounded so excited, hopeful and positive more than I’ve ever heard through the entire process which made my heart happy if only for a moment. This was the start of something new, fresh, thrilling and we all felt it could only go up from here.

But when you got to Magee Mom and Dad could tell you were not feeling well. I didn’t hear from them until this morning with updates I was not expecting and were hard to hear so far away. They had been right, you were not feeling well and needed some extra time and help to get your strength and energy back. Even though this seems like a huge step backwards I want you to know that no matter how many times this happens or when we have to face yet another hurdle and obstacle in the marathon path, we will absolutely get you to that finish line. There is nothing that could break our love, bond, strength and faith we have in you and your mind. I know you will fight through this, like everything else that has been thrown your way and get to Magee whether it takes weeks or months again. This is a detour on the way to the finish line and my hope is that it’s more entertaining and scenic than the one before.

Don’t give up, stay strong, keep believing and what you dream you can achieve. Love you so, so much to infinity and beyond little brother. You will do this. You will get better. We will always be at your side.

– Sis

To those who are reading the blog and following with more love and support for Jackie than we could have ever hoped for, thank you. Here is a note from our mom:

We could tell Jackie was not feeling well overnight at Magee. By 8 a.m. we were in the ER at Thomas Jefferson hospital. Jackie is now in the neurological intensive care unit. Will have more information to share tomorrow.

Please don’t lose hope and always remain positive. We’ve done this before and we can do it again. Together we can bring him through this and finish strong. Love to all of you. Thanks again for holding my family up when we need it the most.