Wednesday, April 9

Relative distance

Thomas Jefferson hospital  is nestled in the heart of center city Philadelphia, Magee Rehab is about 10 blocks away.  We initially reserved a hotel room that is in close proximity to Magee.  We have kept this room and have moved in for at least the next 30 days and most likely more.  We have yet to sleep in the large comfy bed, but have set up camp and get showers there.

Tonight when I was traveling back to the hotel for an overdue shower, I looked at so many people who were in the middle of their post work routines, hustling to catch a cab, chatting with co-workers, waiting for a bus, riding their bikes or catching a happy hour special.  I almost felt like I was in an out of body experience.  Even though I was right there in the midst of it all, I felt as if I was watching everyone’s life unfold in front of me while mine was stuck in slow motion and sometimes reverse.  I wanted to share my story in the elevator just so people would appreciate what they have or at least tell them to stop taking things for granted.  I saw a handsome young man that reminded me of Jackie and with all of my heart, I hope that Jackie will have that life someday.  One moment in time, one life changing event, one chance to do all we can to help Jackie fit back into the hustle and bustle of normal everyday life. It may take time, but we can go the distance and do this.

Jackie’s night last night post surgery was very restless.  He slept very little and I must say we struggled at times as his activity level continued to increase.  We were happy; however, for the movement and continued to redirect his hands so that he did not injure himself or his new incision.  We are hoping tonight will be a little more restful.

Early this morning we spoke with the Neurosurgery team.  During Jackie’s surgery they cleaned out the infection, but couldn’t save the right bone flap.  It will need to be replaced at a later date with an artificial one.  Fortunately the left side is still untouched by the infection.  As you can imagine we were disheartened by the news.  First and foremost though we were grateful Jackie did well and we have a good chance at kicking the infection.  I would lie if I said I wasn’t struggling with how we could have made this slide back.

With true apprehension for how the day would pan out, we had some highlights that have kept me focusing on getting to rehab as soon as we can.  Jackie had a very good session with the ST team.  We do miss Lenora, but the therapist here was able to pick up where we left off.  Jackie ate some ice chips today and also showed good neuro functions.  The PT and OT team got Jackie out of bed and moved him to a chair.  He was still actively moving his arms and legs, so it was hard to focus on any particular exercise.  I’m sure Tara and Eric would have had a clever trick to get Jackie into shape.  Tomorrow PT plans to use a table similar to the gravity table we used before.

We also spoke with the ENT, the respiratory therapist, the nutritionist, the intensive care docs, the Neuro teams and  even the rehab docs.  These docs will be following Jackie and advising us the best time for the transition back to Magee.

I just helped Jackie’s nurse give him a bath.  It seemed to settle him down.  He is peacefully sleeping for now.

As we get through these post op days we are still asking that we do not have any visitors.  I’m sure this time period won’t be long.

Thank you for sending healing prayers Jackie’s way.