Friday, April 18

As I was starting to write this post, I was thinking about what I could title it. My mind kept coming back to Good Friday, after all that is in fact what day it is.  This day has many different meanings for all of you depending on your religious preference.  It was an extremely difficult day for the followers of Jesus which ultimately lead to a day of celebration and joy – Easter Sunday.  I struggled today, Good Friday, with keeping my positivity going due to yet another small set back.  But after talking with my Mom, I realized I need to keep my faith strong no matter what and take each day as it comes. I am still very hopeful for the future and know that we are going to eventually get to a day of celebration and joy!

Jackie’s night last night was not as restful as past nights.  We once again had to give him something to get his system moving which caused him some discomfort.

We met with our docs early this morning and confirmed that we would stop draining spinal fluid today through the weekend.  We will reaccess on Monday and confirm next steps.

While talking with the nurse who specializes in skin care, we noticed that Jackie’s Lumbar drain was leaking.  We had the docs take a look and since it was necessary to keep it in, they put in a couple stitches to stop the leakage at the insertion site.  We will now need to be even more vigilant with checks to ensure the stitches are working and the leaking has stopped.  Just another set back that needs to be taken in stride.  Once again, we will need to go day by day until we reach the day that the drain can be removed.

Because of the leakage, we felt it best to pull Jackie out of his PT session today.  To say this was a  disappointment would be an understatement.  One highlight to the day was Visa.  Visa is a mix between a Golden Retriever and Black lab and one of the therapy dogs at the hospital.  Due to Jackie’s infection,  Visa was not allowed to come into the room so the plan was to have Jackie in a wheel chair so he could get close as possible to her by wheeling him to the door.   Instead we wheeled his bed as close to the door as possible.  Visa’s owner held her up on her hind legs so Jackie could see her.  He instantly teared up and then smiled.  It was a wonderful moment.  We can’t wait for the reunion of Jackie with our Golden Retriever.

I hope this weekend helps all of you renew your faith in whatever you believe.  Jackie continues to stay strong and we continue to pray for healing.  Thanks for your positive thoughts and prayers.