Saturday, April 19

Last night was a good night of rest for Jackie.  He went back to a long string of cat naps. Jim and I took our normal shifts.  We both are usually up by 5 or 5:30 when it is time for Jackie’s bath.  That typically tires him out and he takes another little nap.  The sun was streaming through his large rectangular window reaching all three of us with its warmth.  Jim was holding one of Jackie’s hands and I was holding the other.  It was a wonderfully peaceful and beautiful moment in time.

We had some visits from our team of neurosurgeons throughout the morning.  The plan is to stay the course and not drain any spinal fluid today. We also had some family visitors today including Lindsay and Florent. Jackie was so happy to see and spend time with them.  It also gave Jim and I a chance to sneak in an extra nap.

We felt Jackie’s neuro function was good today.  He laughed and smiled very often this morning.  We were seeing signs of the same Jackie that we saw prior to leaving Geisinger.  PTL. As the night progressed, the activity of the day caused Jackie to get tired and less responsive.  That was to be expected.

In the early evening Jackie was taken down for a CAT scan.  We are not sure if another is scheduled for tomorrow or Monday.  The images will show the placement and amount of fluid retention, if any.

Tomorrow brings a new day of hope and healing just as it did so many years ago.  Enjoy your Easter, spend time with your family and friends and be thankful for the little things that add up to everyday blessings that are far too often taken for granted.