Sunday, April 20

A beautiful Easter

Jackie slept well the first half of the night and was a little restless in the early hours of the morning.  Five-thirty arrived quickly and it was time for a bath, a turn, morning meds and trach care.  Jackie is so glad trach care only occurs every 12 hours.  I don’t blame him.

There is a slice of sky that we can see from Jackie’s room window, between several very tall buildings.  Usually we can catch the sunrise.  Following Jackie’s bath this morning, Jim took a look outside and pointed out this morning’s view.  It was a beautiful sunrise and  lit the sky with shades of purple, pink and orange.  It was absolutely the perfect way to start our Easter day. Feeling good I started to sing some of my favorite Easter hymns which apparently was funny to the boys.  What resulted was two absolutely beautiful sights, an incredible sunrise and a smile on Jackie’s face.

Lindsay and Florent were still here which made the start of the day even that much better!  We celebrated Easter yesterday with Nana, John and Florent’s parents and today the celebration that we would usually have at my Mom and Dad’s house was moved to the cafe in the hospital.  We are so blessed and so appreciative of the support we feel and see from our families as well as our friends.  Even some of the nurses have extended their support to us in many different ways.  Thanks to all of you for renewing our faith and spirits every day.

The Neuro team stopped by and were pleased by what they saw.  PTL.  We should have more details on next steps tomorrow.

The sun is going to set soon on a day that is a celebration of faith.  It was a day full of beautiful moments, hugs and hope.