Dear Jackie,

As I sit on the bus from Philly to DC I look around us and see many little things that before this all happened would have been a quick and easy heavy sigh of impatience. Now, I see so many things to laugh about ever being a big deal.

Being able to spend the entire weekend with you, mom and dad was incredible. I must admit while the bus pulled out of the parking lot a couple tears rolled down my face. So happy and grateful you are here with us but still going to miss you. Things are going great and you laughed all night long to old stories, my random comments or sound effects and we even all got to watch big bang theory episodes like old times. Things are good baby brother, so good.

We held hands, you reluctantly let me kiss your forehead and we talked about the future with hope and excitement.

You are definitely ready to join us again but we just have to give your body some more time to heal. With so many little things we could all complain about or find big road blocks in a day it is nice to say you taught me that those very little things are just that, little.

Happy Easter! I hope you have a restful night tonight. You are my hero, inspiration and best friend now and always.

Love you beyond words.
– Sis