Tuesday, April 22

A backward slide

The first half of Jackie’s night was peaceful; however, this changed around 2am.  Jackie was restless.  We thought he might be having pain from the combination of his system running slow and the Lumbar drain.  We gave him Tylenol.  It helped a little but he was still not feeling well.  He was gradually getting worse.  We gave him the med for nausea but he continued to get sick all morning.  He was immediately taken down for a CAT scan which showed increased fluid in his brain.  He also had developed a new infection on top of the one he already has.

Based on his condition he was moved back into the Neurological ICU.  This is where he spent the first ten days when he was admitted to Jefferson.

The next couple of days could be challenging and may include trips to the OR.  The docs are taking things one night and one day at a time.  That is what we need to do as well in order to get through.  His doc said that it seems as though Jackie has just completed a marathon and is starting one all over again.

There is no point in asking why this happened when we were so close to getting back to Magee.  We just need to take a deep breath and tackle each hour, each night and each day as it comes.  This is without a doubt a slide backward, but one that Jackie can beat in order to start moving forward again.

Thank you for your continued positive thoughts and prayers.