Wednesday, April 23

Two Months

Everything they have been telling us about the complexity of recovery from a TBI is turning into reality.  Time and patience are all part of the process of healing.  If we go strictly from a date perspective, today is exactly two months from the day that changed all our lives, especially Jackie’s.  We are in the middle of the 9th week of being in the hospital.  Since Jackie is now fighting two infections, it looks like our hospital stay will be extended longer than we had anticipated.  Disappointment does not quite cover the emotions we are feeling right now.

We are still taking things day by day.  We spoke with the docs that deal with infections and are hoping that we will know even more information tomorrow about the specifics of this new infection that made Jackie so sick.  For now, the antibiotic Jackie is getting should be working to help keep things under control.  Jackie has been sleepy due to all of the medications.  During his waking periods his neuro functions have been good, not like two days ago, but not bad.  His vital signs are now stable and we think he is feeling a little better.

Based on how each day goes, determines the next steps.  Jackie had both a CAT scan and an MRI today.  We will be reviewing these with the Neurosurgery team first thing tomorrow morning.  Jackie could possibly be having surgery tomorrow.  We will know for sure in the morning.

The infections, without a doubt, complicate the course of treatment.  We are trying to keep Jackie as positive as we can as he faces an uphill climb these next couple days.

We spoke with both the PT/OT and the ST teams and they will continue to work with us. We are thrilled, as this interaction will keep Jackie motivated and will also help us prepare for his Magee transition.  We will get to Magee!!

As I try to deal with all of the emotions that flow through my mind, my heart goes out to the parents who have lost their children in the ferry boat accident in South Korea.  We were thrown into a devastating situation as well, but at least we still have the chance to touch and talk to Jackie.  That is now gone for many of those families.  If you have a chance to pray for Jackie please add some prayers for the families of the Ferry victims and also for the families of children facing long term illnesses.

I know this may sound corny, but every day is truly a gift.  Wrap every moment with love and kindness and appreciate all that you have.  In an instant it could all change.