Sunday, April 27

Healing Hug

Jackie’s night last night was much more peaceful.  He took longer naps and his wake time was not as restless.  In the very early hours of the morning Jackie reached out for me.  I came in close and gave him a hug.  This was my second one but this time his right arm wrapped around me and he rubbed my back.  It was the most wonderful feeling, I wanted to cry but didn’t.  I covered up one tear so Jackie could not see it.  I think it was a healing hug for both of us.

Our Sunday was quiet.  It was actually just the three of us all day and was a low key, low stimulating day for Jackie which was perfect! He stayed awake most of the day so hopefully he will be able to get rest tonight.

Jackie’s tests are still showing his body is working to fight the infection and things are improving each day.  The docs removed every other stitch from his incision.  Once the remaining stitches are out it should give him some relief from the itching.  We are constantly redirecting his hands away from his head and his trach.  We tried other methods to restrain him but they did not work and we feel it is more beneficial to have our personal connection to help with his behavior  modification.  We are just grateful his hands are moving.  The itching and the trach will eventually go away.

Jim and I feel we are now almost back to the neuro function we have seen before.  Every now and then we see glimpses of his personality.  We know the road ahead is long, but we also feel we have a strong foundation to build upon.

Jim worked on some PT with Jackie and we also put his speaking valve on, brushed his teeth and tried to clean his tongue – still some work to do there. He also ate a couple ice chips.  Our goal is to get him as ready as we can for Magee.

We have started Skyping Lindsay and Florent every night.  Tonight Lindsay was just on and Jackie periodically closed his eyes.  I truly believe Lindsay’s voice is comforting to him.  There are many times we get frustrated with technology, but times like this make it priceless.

As always, we thank you for your prayers, love and support.