Monday, April 28

Jackie’s night was a mixed bag of rest and restlessness.  Our morning was good with signs of positive neuro functions.  We met with our neurosurgery docs and they were happy with Jackie’s progress.  There are still two surgery options that may have to occur, each day will determine which path we may travel down.

The Infectious Disease doc stopped by and was also happy with Jackie’s progress.  The reality of Jackie’s treatment is now just waiting for the antibiotics to finish the prescribed dosing time.  Any surgeries have to be scheduled after the ID docs give us the go ahead.  We are looking at another week or two.

The PT team came to work with Jackie today.  They hoisted him out of bed with the slick lift system and put him in a wheel chair.  We took a very quick stroll to the same glassed in walk bridge where we had gone before.  It was the first time Jackie was out of bed for about a week.  We only kept him out of bed for a total of about an hour.  It was a lot for him, but still good.  I, of course, wish the Lumbar drain was not in but we just have to be careful as PT is so important to Jackie’s recovery.

I always joked that if I could put my kids in bubble wrap when they were growing up I would.  This whole hospital experience takes that wish to an entirely different level.

Jackie is now officially free of all staples and stitches in his heed.  He is still not supposed to touch his head.  Of course, that is what he tries to do just about every minute.   I’m hoping the urge to itch will subside soon.

At one point this afternoon, I think Jackie was getting overstimulated.  We turned the lights down low and talked softly.  That seems to help.  We always have to be cognizant about too much activity or noise in the room.

We are hoping for a peaceful night of rest.