Dear Jackie,

283891_263973763618367_2567472_nI’ll keep this one short but I couldn’t NOT write to you this morning.

Yesterday was an incredible, hopeful, amazing day to say the least. You are doing so well and despite the odds your body and mind are refusing to give up the fight of getting better and recovering. After hearing all that you had done yesterday from mom it brought tears to my eyes and a huge smile to my face. Such a great gift you are to everyone around you and an inspiration. Even the smallest of daily routine tasks we all forget about during our day-to-day lives, brushing our own teeth, eating pudding using our own hands and strength, you remind us that those tasks are miracles.

It made me laugh that you are using gloves when doing anything related to cleaning your teeth or mouth and after we talked last night I love how happy that made mom and her sometimes germ-a-phobe self 🙂 You make us all so proud Jackie and as for me, your big sister, I couldn’t be more thankful and honored to call you my brother. Even though you somehow managed to sneak in a couple ‘shush’ motions with your hand (thanks dad) to Florent and I -probably just me- for talking too much last night, I won’t hold that against you. We got a wave goodbye and a couple I love you signs with the ‘a lot’ motion added in, bringing tears to my eyes and that huge smile back again.

You are truly incredible, strong, inspirational and one of the most amazing people I have ever been lucky enough to know. It just so happens we’re related, which makes it even better! Love you to the moon and back then back again. Can’t wait to see you in a week for a special Mother’s Day Weekend!

Stay strong and keep fighting little brother. You have come such a long way and it’s just the beginning. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you, all I know right now is that it will be one hell of a ride.

Love, Sis