Wednesday, April 30

Repeat performance

Another good day- PTL!  Even though Jackie did not sleep as solidly as he did last night, his slumber fueled him enough for another good day!

The morning routines occurred as usual including our visit from the Neurosurgery team.  Jackie’s progress continues in a positive direction as the test results show that the antibiotics are working to reduce the amount of infection in his body.  Patience is still needed until we can proceed with the next step in his care.

His PT session today consisted of sitting on the side of a hard surfaced table and working on his neck muscles and torso strength.  Jackie was then moved to the wheelchair.

His ST session was next and was done while he was in the wheelchair.  Jackie not only tasted, but ate about 1/3 of a cup of chocolate pudding.  He counted on his fingers from 1-5.  He responded quickly to other questions and even remembered something that happened in his session yesterday.  He answered the question before Ellen even finished asking it.  He sat in the wheelchair for a while after speech.  I had brought my ukulele back from the hotel and played and sang some songs for the boys.  My hope was to get Jackie to speak or sing.  That virtue of patience is still needed in this area as well.  He tolerated being out of bed for much longer than yesterday.  A sign that he is gaining some strength back.

He was beat by the time he got back in bed.  After his nap he was back to his old antics of trying to itch his head and reach for his trach.  Even though this keeps us constantly busy, we are so grateful for the purposeful movements!

The nurses are very good at changing his position in bed and keeping an eye on his skin.  As I said before, Jackie has lost some weight when there wasn’t much to lose to begin with.

After completing some mouth care, Jackie ate a few ice chips.  He is starting to feed himself.  I truly believe he will actually be a little stronger when he goes back to Magee than he was when we initially arrived.

My prayers for Jackie are full of gratitude, but also include strength and healing as we get through the next week or two – day by day.

Thanks to everyone who has and continues to touch our lives with countless acts of kindness.