Sunday, May 4

Down day

Jackie’s night started out restless but ended restful.  I think this could be why he was not very interested in doing things today.  He may be tired from yesterday or even just a little down.

The morning routines were completed and the doc visit went well. We are staying the course and still looking at surgery sometime later next week.

Jackie enjoyed some pudding and ice chips today.  We are creatively trying to find different ways to play with his stress and other miscellaneous balls.  Jim came up with the idea to turn a large empty sanitizing wipe container into a type of net or target.  We still have not seen Jackie throw a ball.  He can release it from his hands, but not throw it. This will come with time.

We also watched some TV.  Jackie was not interested in doing anything else like working on the iPad or playing Connect Four.  By communicating with him through hand signs, we determined that his back was hurting him.  He just needs to keep The Lumbar drain in for a couple more days.

Tomorrow is Monday and will prove to be  a very busy day. It was probably a good thing that today was a down day.  Jackie will need strength for the upcoming week.

Your positive thoughts and prayers for Jackie are felt and appreciated.