Saturday, May 3

Day by day turns into month by month…

As we take each day one at a time it is amazing how a calendar reference shows that the days have turned into months. Jackie has now been at Jefferson for 1 month.  Hard to believe.

Jackie’s night was fairly peaceful with only a couple interruptions.   We tried to keep him up most of the day today so he would be tired tonight.  Since it is the weekend and our specialty teams are off,  Jim and I worked with Jackie on a bunch of things.

We worked with Jackie on teeth and tongue brushing, mouth suctioning and overall tongue movement.  He is making great strides in this area!  Lenora if you are reading you would be so proud!  Jackie also ate pudding and had some ice chips.

We played ball with Jackie and worked on his backboard shot with his nerf set.  We used some apps on the iPad and watched some TV.  Jackie’s attention span is not long so we try different things and know that with time he will be able to focus for longer periods of time.  Our goal is to keep getting him as ready as we can for rehab.

Jackie and Jim are watching the Phllies right now as a thunder and lightning storm is in full force outside the window.

We Skyped with Lindsay and Florent tonight.  It is so nice for all three of us to see and talk with them.  We are so excited for their visit next weekend.  Lindsay and I plan to sneak away for a short period of time and let the boys in charge of Jackie – a scary thought.  Jackie will love it! It has been a while since just Lindsay and I have spent time together.  It will be a wonderful Mother’s day weekend!

Make the most of your days. Don’t put the important stuff off. You too will find that the days you were going to do something will eventually turn into months of never getting it done.

I haven’t said this for a couple of my posts but please know how very blessed we feel to have all of you in our lives. There is no way we could be giving Jackie 100% of our time without you.

Thank you!