Friday, May 30

Two Weeks

It is hard to believe that today marks two weeks since we have been at Magee.  Jackie seems to have adjusted well to the new surroundings, the staff and the routine.  This will be our home for the next couple of weeks.

Today Jackie woke up to fruit rolled pancakes.  He was thrilled.  Becca just adjusted his food selections to soft food cut ups.  Gradually Jackie is getting closer to eating a regular diet.

To help alleviate being in the chair for so long , Becca had her speech session bedside.  Jim and I went out to the waiting area and regrouped on some things that needed to get done.  At the end of every session, Becca questions Jackie on some information that she shared at the beginning of the session.  Today, Jackie was able to answer most of her questions, recalling a lot of the information from the sessions start. PTL

Jackie had a half hour after speech to rest up for PT.  Erin was at a training session all day so another therapist worked with him.  The main focus of today’s session was trunk and head control.  These areas were strengthened by working on sitting up unassisted.  Jackie worked really hard and for a couple seconds sat up by himself.  Each day he should continue to get stronger.  He ended the session with a standing exercise.

It was now time for lunch.  Jackie was hungry.  He ate well and then headed back to bed to rest again prior to OT.  Today’s session with Paula was spent in his room.  She worked with him on how he can start helping to get himself dressed and also on bed to chair transfers.  Jim was trained on the transfers as well and can now help Jackie stand or transfer him when needed.  For the last part of the session, we all went up to the 6th floor outside deck and met a recreational therapist there.  She had Jackie play a couple iPad app games.  When we returned to the room, Paula applied heat to one to his legs and showed us how to use the heating pad in his room.

Jackie went back to bed and slept until dinner.  After he ate he was ready for bed again and we started to watch a movie.  We watched just a little and Jackie was ready for sleep.  I’m guessing it will take a while for him to watch a full length movie.

I’m glad Jackie was able to get outside today even for just a little bit. Feeling the sun on your face is always therapeutic. I hope the sun shined down on you today as well.

Please know how much we appreciate your thoughts and prayers.