Saturday, May 31

Down Time

After a week of hard work, it was nice for Jackie to get a little break.  The only therapy scheduled for today was recreational therapy.  He slept right up until breakfast and enjoyed his first cut up Belgian waffle on his new diet.  Jackie stayed in his chair for a while but then headed back to bed since he was tired and his leg hurt.  It is going to take a while to loosen the tight muscles and stop the cramping in his legs.

After about an hour of rest, Jackie was back in his wheelchair and heading to recreational therapy.  The session was held in the community room next door.  Jenna, the same therapist from last weekend, ran the session.  The first activity involved throwing a large inflatable ball back and forth.  The ball had stars all over it with text written in the center of each star.  When caught Jackie had to read the writing on the star directly located under his thumb and then verbalize three things that related to the words.  For instance breeds of dogs or things you would eat at a ballpark.  Jackie not only enjoyed throwing the ball, but also had answers for most of the categories.  After a couple of games, they moved on to horseshoes.  Jackie did well, especially after putting his glasses on. It is so nice to see him being able to throw things again!  PTL. It amazes me how simple games help strengthen Jackie’s torso and neck as well as increase the use of his left hand. We are scheduled for rec therapy again tomorrow.

After therapy it was back to bed to rest before lunch.  Jackie ate a good lunch and then sat in his chair for a while before going back to bed once again. He rested for a bit and when he woke up we decided to head outside for some fresh air and sunshine.  We also took a fudgesicle with us to help keep Jackie’s mind off his leg pain.  We sat in the warmth of the sun for a  little bit and then moved to the shade.  We came back in the room in enough time to catch another nap prior to dinner.

My sisters came to spend some time with us, so after dinner we all took another quick walk on the 6th floor balcony.  Jackie stayed in his chair a little while longer after returning to his room and then got a shower.  He got back in bed and we talked for a bit before he fell asleep.

Tonight was the first night Jim was not here.  The local golf team, which Jim helps coach, ran a golf tournament for Jackie.  Jim went home for the first time since February to play and meet so many of our dear friends and family.  Both Jackie and I missed him and the way he makes us laugh all the time.

We are so fortunate for the outpouring of support as there have been other fundraisers at restaurants and businesses. We are blessed beyond words and are in awe of the caring and generosity shown by so many.  Please know every effort has touched our hearts.  We cannot thank you enough.