Saturday, June 14

Now That’s a Cheese Steak

It is officially the weekend so Jackie slept in; ok not like sleeping in until noon, but a little later than normal.  Because of the timing of his morning meds, we can’t let him sleep in too long.  Jackie ate a good breakfast and then we decided to watch a little CNN while waiting for his recreational therapy to get started.

Today Jackie played UNO with Jenna.  Since he could not hold his cards with his left hand, he used a card holder.  I loved the holder because it was homemade and recycled an old phone book.  The book was cut about 3 or 4 inches above the binding and then duct tape was wrapped around the edge.  The open pages allowed cards to be placed in them  so you could see them and it sat by itself on the table.  Ingenious yet so simple.

After Rec therapy Jackie took a nap.  He was tired and slept until I woke him up for lunch.  As soon as he was done Lindsay arrived.  She took the train into the city and then caught a taxi to Magee.  She is staying until tomorrow afternoon so we can celebrate Father’s day together.  PTL. Florent will be back to visit on the next trip to Magee.

Shortly after Lindsay arrived, Jackie had some visitors.  It is great to see him interact with his friends.  When we get back home, I truly believe seeing his friends more often will help with his recovery.  Jackie will be better able to handle longer, more frequent visits once he  is home.  Jackie got tired quickly and went back to bed for another nap.

We had talked about getting official Philly cheese steaks at either Pat’s or Geno’s to help celebrate Dad’s day, so while Jackie slept Jim and Lindsay were given a ride to Pat’s from a Magee staffer and were back in no time.  All four of us enjoyed the authentic taste of Philly for dinner.

It was now time for a shave and shower.  Since it was still fairly early we decide to start watching the movie Caddy Shack.  The night before we thought we had checked that movie out, but it ended up being Caddy Shack Two.  How ironic that Lindsay brought the original movie for Jim for a present.  We all enjoyed some good laughs and then it was night time meds and then time to turn in.

I find myself getting sad at times but tonight I felt wonderful. My family was together, we shared some laughs and Jackie’s room was filled with love.  When we were watching the movie, I caught Jackie periodically looking over at Lindsay.  I think he kept checking to make sure she didn’t leave.

Hopefully you will be spending time with your family during this Father’s day weekend.  Enjoy and cherish each others company and get something special or fun to eat.  Happy Father’s Day!!