Sunday, June 15

A Beautiful Day

What could be better than starting the day with a fresh cup of Starbucks? Lindsay and I did the run to kick off Father’s Day. We also were given the green light to take Jackie down to the cafe for one meal this weekend. We chose breakfast.  Before we went down Paula, OT, spent some time with Jackie working on dressing himself as well as brushing his teeth.  The timing worked out well as  we went down to the cafe a half hour before they closed. It was about as quiet as you could get and helped to make Jackie’s first experience a positive one.  It was also the first time all four of us sat around the same table in months.  A beautiful moment to enjoy on Father’s day. PTL

After breakfast we came back to Jackie’s room and hung out for a while.  Jackie then took a nap while Jim and Lindsay spent a little bit of time checking out a sports apparel store in the city.  Lindsay and I stole some time together on Mother’s day so today was Jim’s turn.

Jackie had already started eating when Lindsay and Jim came back with lunch for the three of us.  Then Lindsay’s old roomy from college stopped in for a visit and to take Lindsay back to the train station.  Lindsay is planning to come back next Saturday, so saying goodbye was not that hard as we will see her again in just a couple days!

Jim, Jackie and I went up to the sixth floor to enjoy some of the warmth and sunshine as it was an absolutely beautiful day.  Jackie was sporting his new sunglasses and Flyers hat.  Before today, he never wanted to sit in the sun, so it was nice to have him enjoy the warmth and light for just a short period of time.

Jackie was tired, so we got him back in bed to get some more rest.  After about an hour the dinner trays were delivered and he was up once again.  Jim and I found a local restaurant that had a good reputation so we ordered out – after all it was still Father’s day.  Once Jackie was done eating we were planning to eat our food outside with him, but both terraces were noisy with visitors so we all opted to eat in Jackie’s room and watch golf.  Jackie enjoyed sampling our dinners.

It was starting to get late, so we got Jackie ready for bed and his nighttime meds.  It wasn’t long after that he was asleep.  Like last weekend, we tried to limit his rest time.  As hard as that is to do, it will benefit him in the long run.

I hope you were able to enjoy part of this beautiful day.  Ours was special in far too many ways to count.  Thanks for keeping Jackie in your thoughts and prayers. We are truly grateful and blessed by your support and love.