Friday, June 20

Musical Memory

Today was a good day.  Besides a little bit of a change in the nursing staff, everything fell into its normal routine, which is good.  Jackie woke to blueberry stuffed pancakes and scrambled eggs and cheese.  He enjoyed his breakfast, made it through his morning meds and was ready for speech.  The weather was beautiful so Becca and Jackie went to the sixth floor turned on some tunes and played Black Jack.

Not long after their return, Paula came to get Jackie to take him to the gym for a follow up eye check.  After the exam it was determined that the prism that is affixed to the left side of his glasses is working as it should.  The brain is occasionally starting to recognize the left eye and not ignore it.  We are hoping the prism is temporary and will not be needed after Jackie’s next surgery.

We got Jackie back in bed for a very quick cat nap.  We had to wake him when it was time for PT.  Erin came into the room like clockwork to pick him up and take him to the gym.  They worked on sitting and standing for minutes not seconds.  PTL. Erin coached him through every step of the way to help him make necessary adjustments so he wouldn’t fall over.  When he stands he uses a large cylindrical bolster that is basically made out of the same material as the gym mats.  It is tall and allows Jackie to rest his hand on it for support.  Erin stretched out Jackie’s muscles and then with another therapists help assisted Jackie with walking. One moving the left leg and the other keeping his trunk in place.  Before heading back to the room, Erin put a new cushion on Jackie’s wheelchair seat.  Time will tell if the new cushion is comfortable enough to keep.

Lunch was next, then the second half of speech.  Jackie was able to be in bed for this session.  Becca and Jackie listened to music,  played Words with Friends and memory games.  After the session ended he had a short amount of time to rest prior to OT.

Paula came to the room and picked up Jackie.  This session included arm stretching and sitting exercises with a balloon.  He also used the conversation ball.  He had used something similar in rec therapy.  This is where you catch a ball similar to a beach ball and then read the conversation starter sentence that is closest to where the ball is caught.  Nana was here and was able to watch.  Since she never saw Jackie walk Paula and Erin put on some music and together they helped Jackie walk in the gym.

After dinner and a shower Jackie was ready for bed.  Now that Jackie is able to withstand a little more stimulation we have been incorporating music as much as we can in therapy sessions and back in his room.  It is wonderful to see his face light up when he remembers the lyrics to a song or can name the artist.  It is fun and relaxing for Jackie and boosts the healing process for his brain, helping it slowly put the pieces of memory back together. PTL

Crank up the music today and recall some fun memories, you may just create new ones in the process.