Saturday, June 21

Longest Day of the Year

It was tough getting Jackie up today, after all it was Saturday and Jackie is 19.  The normal routines kicked in including getting dressed, eating breakfast, and taking meds.  Jackie’s only therapy today was rec therapy.  He looks forward to these sessions because they usually involve playing a game.  Today Jenna took us to the fifth floor to a little gaming room.  Jackie played a Wii target shooting game.  He really enjoyed playing and got better with each round.  Jenna had him use as many body movements as possible and continuously quizzed him on his scores and how he was doing based on the previous game.  Jackie’s short term memory is still not strong, but with small coaching clues he is able to recite the correct information.

After rec therapy Jackie’s day was full of visitors.  We are trying to schedule and spread out the visits as he gets tired easily.  Today was special because Lindsay and Florent came down for the day.  They brought two of Jackie’s best friends with them which made the visit even sweeter.  Additional visitors rounded out the morning and early evening hours.  By the end of the day Jackie was exhausted, but happy.

We continue to hear of ways our friends and family are showing support for Jackie and cannot tell you how very blessed we feel.  Please know that you have touched us in ways you will never know.

Today was the first day of summer and the longest day of the year.   It was still winter when Jackie’s marathon began, the longest day of our year and our lives.  Hopefully your longest day of the year was today, celebrating summer and having fun with family and friends.