Wednesday, June 25

Half n Half

The boys were awake and moving when I got to the room this morning.  Jackie was getting back to a normal therapy schedule today.  He ate breakfast and spoke with Dr. K all before 9am.  Becca just started having her speech therapy sessions in her office vs Jackie’s room, so she picked him up for their first half hour of the day together and headed down the hall.

After speech Jackie got back in bed and rested for about 15 minutes until Lori came in for art therapy.  He worked from the bed and completed a pencil sketch.  Jackie participates in group art therapy Monday nights and then has a 1:1 session during the week.  After Lori left he took another 15 minute cat nap and then it was time for the Vector.

Jackie worked with Erin and another therapist on the Vector for the entire hour. He had a great session.  Erin felt he was moving his left leg a little better today.  PTL  He came back to the room and was ready for lunch.  Jim had to run an errand and returned with Starbucks.

Jackie had a good appetite and right before Becca came to pick him up for his second half hour session after lunch he said he had a headache.  He was sweating and seemed very tired.  Instead of speech, Jack took a nap.  Paula came in to check on him and he woke up and went to the gym.  She made a splint for his left arm. When the muscles in his upper arm move, the lower arm tends to tense up and sometimes close into a tight fist.  The splint should help stop that from happening.  He will need to wear it on and off throughout the day or night.  It is a custom splint that Paula molds herself to fit Jackie’s forearm,  wrist and hand perfectly.

When he got back to the room it was only a couple minutes until dinner.  Jackie was tired but we all decided it was best to just eat dinner now.  After finishing he mentioned that the headache that had lessened in severity from earlier in the day, was now getting worse again.  Within a couple minutes he got sick.  He seems to be settling down now and we plan to watch him closely overnight. The start of a new med could be the cause of his pain and sickness.  We have stopped it for now.

Jackie had a great first half of the day and a not so good second half of the day.  The course to recovery will not always be smooth.  We just need to continue to focus on the positives and a cup half full.

Thanks for your continued love and support.