Tuesday, June 24

A Visit from the Fridge

Jim walked into the room this morning to find Jackie and I still snoozing.  We had been up just an hour and a half earlier and were being lazy.  Jackie had speech at 9 so we had to get up and at ’em.  While Jackie was eating breakfast he had a visit from the Director of Dietary for the hospital.  We talked about the importance of the right high calorie diet including protein for TBI recovery.  I had found a picture of Jackie from one of the first days we were at Magee.  The image showed a frail, extremely thin Jackie with a trach, pic line and stomach peg tube.  We still have a long way to go but it was amazing to see how far we have come since February.  PTL!

Jackie’s therapy schedules were updated slightly for today.  Speech was broken into two sessions this morning with Becca.  They played memory and brain games, watched YouTube clips and worked on paying attention to Jackie’s left side. Jackie was able to catch two very small cat naps in between sessions.  He had a busy afternoon schedule so it was important to eat  lunch on time.

First up for the afternoon was Erin, PT.  She took Jackie to the fifth floor gym for a workout on the leg press machine.  They ended the session back in our fourth floor gym practicing walking with the parallel bars. When Erin brought Jackie back to the room, a special visitor was waiting for him.

Todd Fedoruk, a Flyer Alumni nicknamed The Fridge, stopped in to see him.  Todd visited with Linda, a Sr Director with the Flyers organization.  She had been in contact with Jim to make a visit from someone in the Flyers family happen. A fraternity brother of Jim’s helped connect him and Linda. Jackie enjoyed talking with Todd about the days he played in the NHL.  The Fridge told Jackie to be positive, keep working hard and stay strong. After the visit in Jackie’s room we all went to the gym so Todd could see where Jackie works out everyday.  The visit was inspirational and meant alot to Jackie.  Thanks to Todd, Linda and the Flyers organization for making Jackie’s day!  Jackie also loved everything in the goody bag including a signed Wayne Simmonds jersey which is now proudly displayed on the IV pole attached to Jackie’s bed.

Nessie, the Sheltie therapy dog that Jackie met at Magee one time before, stopped in while Todd and Linda were here.  Jackie was able to pet her while he was talking with Todd.  Hopefully Jackie will be able to see her again.

Todd was in the gym for the start of Jackie’s OT session.  He worked on his sitting balance and Paula helped him stand to get a picture with Todd.  He finished out the session using cards to work on perception.

Jackie came back to his room and took a nap before dinner.  After he ate and had evening meds we went up to the sixth floor terrace for a snack.  After we returned it was time for a shave, shower and bed.

Jackie was exhausted from a full day of workouts and visitors.  We are always thankful for each day and look forward to the possibilities each new day will bring. PTL