Dear Jackie,

20140322-205452.jpgIt’s been a while since I’ve posted here and seems like just yesterday when we started this blog. Originally it was created to help calm down the stress of keeping everyone updated with day-to-day details that Mom and Dad just couldn’t handle anymore.

Now, it has become much more than that. This is a safe place for us all to read, hope and continue finding reality checks for our daily lives. It’s a way to keep the faith going knowing that so many are rooting and waiting for the newest post to reach their inbox. People are reading this for you bud. They’re in your corner fighting with you, holding on and lifting you up on days where that seems damn near impossible.

Right now you are going through what no one could ever imagine, but can only guess, is the most challenging time of your life. For being a ‘baby’ still in my eyes it is hard to believe that this is still going on and you amaze me every day!

When you have a bad day or struggle with feelings of sadness again just remember this: You could have given up so easily and become lazy or mean or negative every day while the doctors poked and proded you. They told  you to take medicine, do this exercise, eat this pureed food (thank goodness that phase is over!). The way you handled it all amazed everyone around you. You have become my hero and inspiration for a lifetime ahead. You never, ever, ever EVER gave up or lashed out. Instead you stayed positive, vented when need be and said I love you more times than I can count (when I’m sure the only words you wished to mutter would send Mom into a tailspin).

This is not something we wish upon anyone. You’ve handled it with stride, humor, charisma and even came up with a dance move I admit Florent and I have started practicing just to keep up 😉

We love you so much, the whole community, and especially your big sis. Please keep fighting and holding on and remember how far you’ve come. We are here for you, always and forever.