Monday, June 30

Getting Closer

We let Jackie sleep in as much as we could this morning. The start of weekday therapy sessions was upon us and I wasn’t sure Jackie was going to be physically ready.  Jackie ate a modified breakfast, had his morning meds and spoke with Dr. K. Jackie was ready for speech by 9am.

Becca had Jackie complete memory tasks and review the date and calendar.  He completed some categorization exercises and listened to music.  Becca had Jackie search online for the songs he wanted to hear.

We managed to keep Jackie busy until it was time for PT.  I was happy his stamina allowed him to push through the Monday morning routine.  Erin worked with Jackie on transfers and getting in and out of bed.  He also practiced standing and walking alongside the parallel bars.

Next up was lunch.  We are still watching what Jackie is eating.  When Jackie was finished we had time to get him into bed for a well deserved nap.  OT was next.  Paula has a knack of reading people.  She could tell Jackie was feeling a little down.  She took the time to talk with Jackie and the conversation became an emotional one.  Jackie shared with Paula that it is hard to get out of bed some days because he knows what lies ahead.  When she probed further he said that everything is work.  We can attest to that, after seeing all that Jackie has gone through and all he has to do even to just complete the smallest tasks that all of us do effortlessly without even thinking.  As the session continued Paula teamed up with Erin and they decided to see how Jackie would do on the short set of mock stairs.  It was a challenge with Paula and Erin doing most of the work.  The session was now over so Paula, Jackie, Jim and I discussed how he was feeling and once again tears started to fall.  Jackie is sad about his condition and wants to get back to college.  We tried to reassure him that he will get back and that we will be here for him every step of the way.  I think you must have an idea of how hard it is to see your child that sad.  We reminded him of how far he has come and he seemed to perk up a little.

We got Jackie back in bed for another rest before dinner.  After he ate it was time for a shave and shower.  We got him into bed early as it had been a physically and emotionally challenging day.  We were so proud of Jackie.  He was down and out all weekend and rallied back to work through the first day of the week.

We all complain, it is second nature. At some point stop yourself and put things in perspective and realize that just putting your shoes on could be work.