Saturday, July 5

The Weekend

I remember how crazy weekends used to be prior to Jackie’s injury.  Jim and I always prepared a giant list of to-dos that could never get completely done.  All those things that we didn’t accomplish during the week days also were added to the list.  The list did not include down time.  After being in a hospital setting for so long you realize that half of the items on that list may not have been necessary.  Being here puts things in laser vision perspective.  Our lives have changed and the focus now and everyday is on the truly important stuff.

We let Jackie sleep in a little this morning.  He only had rec therapy on his schedule for 10:30.  We decided to take his tray down to the cafe and eat there.  It is nice to give Jackie a change in scenery and weekends are usually more quiet. We came back up for morning meds.  We had about 15 minutes before Rec therapy  which was just enough time to go to the sixth floor terrace for a little bit of fresh air. We came back down and then went up to the fifth floor to the gaming room.  Jackie tried the racing game.  Jenna pushed Jackie’s wheelchair up to the machine and lowered the handles so he could reach them.  Jackie basically did with his hands what your feet do on a bike.  He pushed the handles in a circular motion for speed and moved them right, left or up or down for the direction of the race car.  Jenna worked the left handle, Jackie the right.  It was hard to do, but it was different and Jackie seemed to like it.  The half hour went quickly and we came back to the room for a nap before lunch.

After he ate we visited with Nana and John for a while.  It was hot in the sun but beautiful under the canvas canopy on the sixth floor terrace.  Jackie was getting tired again so we headed down to his room and showed Nana and John the Talking Tom 2 app.  Once again we were all laughing hysterically at some of the features.  Most importantly, Jackie spoke loud enough a couple times for the app to recognize his voice.  PTL

Tuckered out, we got Jackie in bed for an afternoon nap.  He woke up around the same time the dinner trays arrived.  After his meal we decided to have his protein snack on the second floor terrace.  Even though he only had one therapy session he seemed really tired.  We decided to go back to the room and start watching a movie.  Jackie fell asleep a few minutes before it was time for evening meds.  I am hoping between Jim and I, the docs and the therapists, we can help Jackie feel less tired and happier. Without a doubt he misses being home.  He has now been sleeping in a hospital bed for 132 consecutive days.

As we now know very well, weekends in the hospital do not include giant lists, they are all about giving Jackie a break from a busy week of therapy and just enjoying each others company. Something we will be sure to continue when we get home!