Sunday, July 6

A Good Day

This morning there was no rush to get ready.  We got Jackie up, he had breakfast and morning meds. Like yesterday, the only therapy he had scheduled for today was rec therapy.  After breakfast, we headed up to the sixth floor for a little sunshine.  Jackie fell asleep in his chair.  We came back down to the room and he fell asleep again waiting for Jenna.

With a milk crate full of plastic bowling pins and a hard plastic bowling ball in her hands, Jenna came into the room ready to go.  We all headed up to the sixth floor terrace for bowling bingo.  Jackie seemed down again this morning so we were hoping this new activity would help him smile.  Jim was the bowling pin guy and Jackie and I bowled.  Whatever number of pins you knocked down, that is the number you marked off on your bingo card.  The half hour was flying by as normal and Jackie needed an 8 to win.  He ended up with his first strike which was a great way to end the session.  He seemed to perk up a little bit but was tired.  We went back down to his room and he took a nap before lunch.

Jackie slept a little past lunch but he seemed well rested.  After eating it was time to weigh-in.  He is back to a positive weight gain and is now at 131 lbs. PTL!

Jackie was expecting some visitors today.  One of his buddies from High School was coming with his family and he was looking forward to the visit.  We headed down to the second floor terrace to wait for them.  As a surprise, another one of Jackie’s buddies came along.  It was just what the doctor ordered.  Jackie’s face lit up when he saw his friends.  After a short visit with all of us on the sixth floor terrace we came back down to Jackie’s room. The women cleared out and let the guys talk.  After a while Jackie was getting tired.  We all said our goodbyes and Jackie took another nap before dinner.

We fell into the normal routine of taking a trip to the second floor terrace after dinner and then headed back to the room.  Tonight was a shave and shower night.  Jackie was awake through nighttime meds and then fell asleep.

It was a good day.  One that included friends and laughter.  PTL