Friday, July 11

Positive Strides

We let Jackie sleep in as long as we could this morning.  We knew he was going to be tired from the long day yesterday and wanted to give him as much rest as possible.  When he woke up he seemed fine, like he has  in mornings past.  He ate some breakfast, had his meds and also spoke with Dr. K.  We gave him an update on how things went at the ER and he examined Jackie.  Everything looked good.

Jackie was supposed to have speech at 9am, but because of our delayed start we pushed his session back to 1 pm.  We now had time to get Jackie back in bed  for a morning nap.  We woke him up in enough time to get ready for PT.

Erin came to get Jackie in his room and took him to the gym.  She had tried different chairs before, but today she found a new chair that would work.  It allows Jackie to move it on his own by using his right foot and leg. There is practice and learning associated with how to do this, but it is giving Jackie a first ever slight glimpse of independence.  PTL. Erin teamed up with Kristen from Rec therapy for the second half of the session.  They played pictionary while helping Jackie stand.  Erin said Jackie was a beast, which means it was a really good workout and Jackie did well.  She said she almost cried.  Our team at Magee was trying everything to engage Jackie during his downward trend this past week, but nothing was working.  To have a successful session once again was big.

Jackie was tired from the workout but we needed to keep him up to eat lunch and then go to speech.  So far it seemed like things were going better, but we were also giving him more naps than usual.

After lunch he  went with Becca to her office.  She kept the session on the lighter side, knowing Jackie was tired.  They played black jack, watched funny videos on YouTube and played the game Guess Who.

After speech we got Jackie back in bed for another nap.  We had a hard time waking him as he was sleeping so soundly.  Paula came in and worked on getting him out of bed.  We then started his OT session with Paula in a bathroom that doubled as a storage area for shower aids.  Paula picked a shower chair and then worked with Jackie to get him in and out.  This was very helpful for Jim and I as we will be Jackie’s caregivers when he gets home.  Paula then finished the session in the gym.  They stretched and worked with Erin to make slight updates to the new chair.

When Jackie got out of the gym, two friends were waiting to see him.  He perked up and thoroughly enjoyed their visit.  After a late dinner he got in the shower and headed to bed. He stayed awake but rested until his evening meds were taken.  He also caught a little bit of the Phillies game.  Go Phils!

He is now sleeping and dreaming.  A good sign that his brain is starting to heal.  PTL.  Time will tell, but it seemed like Jackie was making a come back today, making positive strides toward that finish line.

Thanks for your positive thoughts, prayers and support. They continue to be felt and appreciated.