Saturday, July 12

Come Back Continues

Once again we let Jackie sleep in as long as we could.  He had breakfast and morning meds by 9:15.  Therapies were scheduled for Jackie all weekend.  The extra sessions will help keep Jackie on track since some of his work outs were not as productive last week due to his fatigue.

First up was Rec therapy with Jenna.  We went to the gaming room on the fifth floor and Jackie played Wii fishing.  Jackie and Jim love to fish, so this was a fun game to play. Jenna incorporated a trunk work out as well as hand eye coordination. Jackie sees Jenna tomorrow and hopes to increase his score from today.

OT immediately followed Rec therapy.  Paula was not working this weekend so another therapist worked with Jackie.  She stretched Jackie’s left arm and shoulder, worked on sitting balance and transfers.

Jackie was getting tired so we put him in bed for a nap.  We let him sleep past lunch since we knew Lindsay and Florent were coming and were going to be able to stay until early evening.  We had just moved Jackie from his bed to his chair after his nap when  Lindsay and Florent arrived.  I don’t think I need to tell you how much their visits mean to him.  It was going to be a great day.

Jackie ate a late lunch while Lindsay and Florent also got a bite to eat.  It was soon time for PT.  Lindsay and Florent observed the first half of the therapy session.  They watched Jackie practice transfers.  Then Erin had Lindsay help with the standing exercise by being the focal point for Jackie.  They have found that if there is something in front of Jackie for him to lock in on, it helps keep everything aligned.  This is due to the impaired vision in his left eye.  While the four of us had the chance to quickly catch up, Erin had Jackie walked along the parallel bars and then along the wall.  Erin said it was his best session yet.  PTL. He still needs assistance but is now getting back on track and making progress once again.

After PT Jackie took another nap.  He worked very hard and was tired.  Lindsay and Florent ran to Starbucks and picked up drinks for everyone.  W put Jackie’s strawberry smoothie in the freezer until he got up.

Jackie had a late dinner and then had his protein snack on the second floor terrace while we had take out.  This wonderful day flew by too quickly, and it was time to get Jackie in bed.  Lindsay is coming back both Saturday and Sunday next weekend, so it was not as hard to say good-bye since we will see her again in just a couple days.

We continue to go day by day, but are so incredibly happy and blessed that Jackie is feeling better.  PTL!