Friday, July 18

Never A Dull Moment

By the time I got to Magee this morning, after my night at the hotel, the boys were awake and Dr. K had already stopped in.  There was concern that Jackie may have something brewing in his urinary tract. The day included an x-ray and an ultrasound is scheduled for tomorrow.  Dr. K has been wonderful and has alerted the weekend staff of any possible next steps.  Jackie is not in any pain.  PTL

After breakfast and meds, Jackie headed to speech.  Becca worked with him on his attention and talking loud while texting using the talk to text feature. We decided to start introducing Jackie’s cell phone back in during speech therapy. Jackie is not yet ready to have his phone back on his own.

After speech there was a short break before OT started.  Since Paula is on vacation, the duo of Natalie and student Pete will be working with Jackie.  They continued Paula’s progress with transfers from Jackie’s chair to the shower.  They also stretched Jackie’s left arm and played standing tic tac toe.  Even though Jackie is holding on to something and the therapist is also there for assistance, it helps with Jackie’s overall trunk control and balance.

Jackie was tired.  Almost too tired for lunch but we coached him through it.  We  wanted him to eat and take a nap prior to his PT session.  We managed to get both done.

Erin moved out of the morning spot today since she reserved the treadmill for Jackie’s workout.  Jackie did well, especially on his last walk.  He is assisted by a couple of therapists who switch position throughout the session.  Erin leads the team since she knows what works best for Jackie.  She finished the session with a walk down the hallway.

As you can imagine, Jackie was exhausted after PT.  We got him back to the room and in bed for a rest.  He had a very light dinner.  He got a shower and then headed to bed.

When asked yesterday what is his goal.  Jackie didn’t say going back to college, he said getting out of bed by myself. With prayers and lots of patience and time, I know he will get back to school but for now, simply getting out of bed is enough.

Lindsay is coming tomorrow for the weekend.  It will be great to have the family together again.  I hope your weekend is filled with love and appreciation for the most basic things in your life.