Saturday, July 19

Family Time

Even though Jackie had three therapy sessions today we let him sleep in.  He had a really long week and had been very tired every day.  Since his breakfast tray was sitting in the room for a while I went downstairs to the cafe and was able to get fresh pancakes made for Jackie.  I brought them up to the room and he really enjoyed them. His appetite including liquid intake was off all week, but this morning he seemed to be back to normal.  PTL!  He ate a very good breakfast, had his meds and was ready for a continuous stream of therapy sessions.

Right before they started we went down to the lobby to wait for Lindsay.  She took the train in and was cabbing to Magee.  We had just made it down to the lobby when she walked in.  I can’t tell you how wonderful if is to have her here. Jackie and Lindsay hugged each other and then we headed back up the elevator to start the day.

First up was PT.  Erin was volunteering for Magee’s “Walk It Out” event, a 24 hour step-a-thon to benefit spinal cord treatment and research, and was not working.  A seasoned PT who used to be Erin’s supervisor worked with Jackie.  Erin left a long list of things she wanted Jackie to do.  Most of the things got checked off.  He practiced sitting, standing, putting weight on his left leg while standing and he also walked both in the gym and along the wall.  To say the least it was an exhausting but good session. Erin will be happy. Lindsay also participated in the session and was Jackie’s focal point for siting balance as well as assisted when he was standing.

Jackie’s lunch tray was in the room when we got back from the gym.  We kicked in gear and made sure he was able to eat in enough time before OT.

We had to give Jackie a pep talk to keep his stamina up.  Like Erin, Paula had left a list of things for Jackie to work on.  He completed practicing transfers, and had his trunk and arm stretched.  He ended up tuckering out at the end of the session, but still had a half hour of rec therapy to go.

Both Nana and Lindsay attended his rec therapy session.  Jenna kept it low key because she knew how tired he was.  She had Jackie use the iPad and they watched a funny video on YouTube.  By this point Jackie was falling asleep in his chair.  We got him in bed for a well deserved nap.

He slept for a while and was recharged for dinner.  Just as he was starting to eat we got news that the ultra sound tech was finally on the way to Magee to do his scan.  We had him eat only a small portion of his meal since we knew he would most likely be laying down for the test.  Once the ultra sound was completed we moved into the family dining room next store and Jackie finished his meal.  It was so nice to have a family dinner together even if microwaved chicken nuggets and italian take out was on the menu.  Jackie was getting tired again but had just enough energy to take a trip to the second floor terrace for his protein snack.  We also found three fudgesicles in Jackie’s freezer bag so Jim, Jackie and Lindsay all enjoyed their treats together.  It was a beautiful night, I felt blessed to have my little family unit all together.  Jackie tired quickly so we headed back to his room for evening meds and bed.

Tomorrow there are no therapy sessions scheduled for Jackie so we are looking forward to more family time and an easier day for Jackie.

In an instant everything changed in our lives.  Jim and I continue to stay focused on each day and have many emotions that have been tucked away.  Lindsay is missing her daily talks with her brother and with Jim and I. She is juggling her emotions while continuing to keep her life on track with work stress added to the mix.  I guess you could say that we are also experiencing symptoms of TBI.  We constantly remind ourselves that with time we will help Jackie reach the goals he had prior to February 23.  Until then we will support each other every day with the common goal of overall healing.

Feel blessed every day and be kind to each other.  Life is too short and unpredictable to feel or act any other way.