Monday, July 21


As the work week started today for many of you, so did Jackie’s week of therapy work.  We went on auto pilot into the weekday routine.  Jackie got up, ate breakfast, had meds saw Dr. K and as usual was a couple minutes late for speech.

Becca had to accompany another patient to a test so another Speech Therapist and student worked with Jackie.  They focused the hour on phrase recognition, scanning tasks, memory, and ‘would you rather’ questions.  They held the session outside for a change of scenery.

Since there was only about half an hour to go before PT, Jackie took a short nap in his chair.  It was just enough to get him recharged. Erin is presenting at a conference at the beginning of this week, so Jackie will be working with another therapist until she returns.  Today he worked on sitting balance, transfers and other exercises on the list from Erin.  He also had a new back put on his chair.  This back is the same one that will be on the chair we take home.

Jackie worked hard and was tired but he made it through lunch and was rewarded with an afternoon nap.  He woke up more rested but seemed quiet.  Since Paula is on vacation all week, Natalie and Pete will be working with Jackie.  They did many of the things on Paula’s list including exercises that will help with daily living tasks.  It is not uncommon to see Dr. K. in the gym.  He likes to see how his patients are doing.  He stopped in to see Jackie.  At the time  Jackie was throwing bean bags.  Dr. K. became the human target and challenged Jackie to through the bags at him.  Let’s just say, Jackie’s arm and aim was on and everyone had a great laugh.

We came back to the room and decided to let Jackie take another nap.  We have found that he eats more if he is not tired during dinner.  That strategy worked again tonight and after his meal we went upstairs to group art therapy. All three of us created our own masterpieces and had a fun time.  PTL. Then we went to the second floor for Jackie’s protein snack and then back to the room for bed.

Today was a wonderfully routine day. I hope your routines can be looked on positively and with thanks.