Tuesday, July 22

Keeping on Track

We left Jackie sleep in as long as we could.  He ate a good breakfast, had meds and spoke with Dr. K. and his team. Becca came in the room during our conversation since it was time for speech.  We spoke for a little bit more and then Jackie went to Becca’s office.  They worked on memory, attention and of course speaking loud.

PT was next. Jackie worked on Erin’s list of ‘to dos’ including moving himself in his wheelchair.  It may not seem that hard, but Jackie is only able to use his right arm and leg. Propelling the wheelchair on his own takes practice because all of the steering needs to be done with his right foot.  Simply moving the wheel with his right hand moves him to the left, not forward.

After PT Jackie ate lunch and then took a good nap. He was tired and fell asleep quickly.  We woke him up for OT.  Natalie and Pete came in the room, picked up Jackie and headed to the gym.  They continued to practice things that will pay off when we get home like different kinds of transfers. They also stretched out Jackie’s left arm.  They finished up the session with some basketball practice.  Jackie shot the ball standing up which helps with trunk control.  Dr. K. came into the gym and got into the action.  He got some assists as Jackie made some shots.

When OT was over Jackie took another nap.  This was not as long as his earlier one today, but gave him the rest he needed to be able to focus while eating.  Dr. K came into the room and we talked about next steps for Jackie’s system which has fallen back into its sluggish pattern. Grandma and Grandpa said their goodbyes and headed for the train.

We went to the sixth floor terrace for some beautiful night air and also a couple hands of Black Jack. Jim said he was going to win, but ultimately Jackie beat both of his parents fair and square.   We came back down to Jackie’s room and got him ready for bed.

Each day Jackie gets a little bit stronger.  Every tiny step still gets him closer to the finish line.  Our goal is to help him continue to build up his strength for his surgery in September.  After that we are hoping his left side will engage more and we will set new therapy goals. Day by day, step by step we will work with Jackie to keep up his spirits and strength.  Your prayers and support are felt and appreciated and help Jim and I stay positive about the future that lies ahead for Jackie.