Saturday, July 26


This entire experience has changed things.  I now have an even better appreciation for the daily struggles people with injuries face.  We have met many different families while at Magee.  Even though we all have different stories there is a connection that is understood deep to the core. We have all felt heart ache and sadness and have had to confront things we never imagined we would have to.

We knew Jackie only had one therapy session today so were hoping to have a laid back day.  We let Jackie sleep in and took our time with breakfast.  Before we knew it we saw Jenna and it was time for rec therapy.  We went next door to the family dining room and sat down for a game of Apples to Apples.  We have played this game with our families and were excited to have Jackie play it once again.  Jenna and Jackie teamed up against Jim and I.  We had a lot of laughs and the game helped Jackie with his head position, memory and voicing.

As it had rained we stayed inside and got Jackie in bed to rest before lunch.  He slept a little longer than we anticipated but we had lots of flexibility due to our loose schedule.  After a late lunch we connected with a family a couple doors down.  We have been meaning to do this for a while and it finally worked out.  They came up to Jackie’s room and the kids showed Jackie a game they play with their dad who is also recovering from a brain injury.  They had tennis racquets and hit a large balloon back and forth with them.  Jackie enjoyed playing with them and his hand eye coordination impressed us.  I could tell Jackie was finally feeling like he was able to actually do something well. PTL!  When the family had to go they left the racquets and balloon with us. Just then we had some more visitors that knew a good friend of ours.  They were in town visiting a friend and stopped by for a very quick hello.  I’m glad Jackie was able to say hi and meet them.

We decided to continue our play with the racquets.  It was so good to see Jackie enjoying himself and for once forgetting about his condition. I think this is something we will need to continue and am sure we will find additional fun things for Jackie to do at home.

Jackie was tiring once again so we got him back in bed for another nap.  We all ate a late dinner and then headed to the second floor terrace to get some warmth and sunshine.  We ran into one of the patients who we spoke with when Jovie was visiting.  It was so nice to talk a little more with her and see the progress she has made in just one week.

We headed back up to the room as it was time for Jackie to shave and shower. Jackie fell asleep quickly after his evening meds.  It had been a great day one that allowed flexibility and even more connections.