Sunday, July 27

A Sleepy Day

Jackie had three therapy sessions today but since the first one wasn’t until 10am we let him sleep in a little.  We were just able to get all of the morning routines done on time.  Since this would be Jackie’s last recreational therapy session with Jenna she let him pick what he wanted to do.  Jackie picked Wii fishing.  He seemed a little tired during breakfast and the trend continued while playing the Wii.  His scores were not close to previous scores and his vision seemed to be off at times.  We will have to keep an eye on this as an update was recently made to his glasses.

We had a half hour to go before Jackie’s PT session so decided to attend the group art therapy session that had started next door in the dining room.  Jackie finished numbering the count down stickers on his door poster and started a drawing.  He drew one blue line and then stopped.  His tiredness continued.  We had a busy schedule ahead and were not sure how Jackie was going to push through.

We went with Jackie to the gym for his 11am PT session.  His muscles were all very tight. The majority of the session was spent stretching out his entire body. Jackie did practice sitting and standing, but his balance seemed to be off.  We went back to his room for a quick lunch since he had OT at one.

Lunch was a struggle.  Jackie was so tired it was difficult for him to concentrate on eating.  We decided to just let him rest in his chair.  The weekend therapist for OT stopped by and we told her how Jackie was feeling.  Once again, the session consisted mostly of stretching Jackie’s muscles.  After returning to the room we were able to get Jackie to eat a little bit of food and got him into bed for a nap.  When he awoke a friend from high school and his family had come for a visit.  This was one of Jackie’s good buddies who had gone through an illness himself, so he can relate to hospital stays and everything that goes along with them.  It was great to see them, get caught up and share stories which helped to jog Jackie’s memory.

Since Jackie was rested he ate well at dinner. PTL. We decided to get some fresh air and went to the second floor terrace for his protein snack.  It was getting late so we went back to the room and got Jackie ready for bed. We are hoping with a good nights sleep he will be ready to start his last week of inpatient therapies here at Magee.

As we are about to embark on yet another transition and milestone in Jackie’s marathon to recovery, we thank you for all of your positive thoughts, prayers and support.  I hope your week ahead is padded with restful nights and wonderfully blessed days.