Friday, August 1

Checking Things Out

Jackie woke up and was very sluggish.  He had a hard time eating breakfast, in fact Amy who was filling in for Becca had to help us coach Jackie through getting his meds down.  He had IV fluids running through the night.

He went to PT after speech with Erin.  Jackie was not very responsive but went through the paces and worked with Erin to get through the session.  He got back to the room around lunchtime and we decided to just try to get some food down since he ate such a light breakfast.  Communicating has been increasingly difficult the last day or so and even the therapists were reverting back to hand signals to get a response from Jackie.

He ate a light lunch and had his afternoon meds.  It was time for a rest prior to OT. He fell asleep right away.  The hour went quickly and it was time to wake him up for his session with Paula.  He seemed to be a little better when he woke up.  Paula took him to the gym and I headed over to the hotel to pack some things up and send them home with my sister and brother-in-law.  Grandma and grandpa also helped.

When we got back Jackie was back from OT and got sick.  We put him in bed and he rested a while.  We were able to get him to eat a little bit of dinner.  He went to bed with IV fluids running throughout the night.

The night was fairly peaceful but when he awoke we knew it was time to get him checked out.  We are getting tests done and will hopefully be able to get to the bottom of what is causing his issues.  TBI strikes again.