Thursday, July 31

Working Through The Hurdles

We let Jackie sleep in as it had been a late night last night with the normal nurse checks mixed in. Dr K’s resident came into the room and we discussed and agreed on the plan for the day.  Jackie needed some fluids so an IV was put in.  He had  meds for nausea and then a limited breakfast.  We decided to permanently change our time for speech to 10am since we have been chronically late for weeks.  Becca came into the room and had her session with Jackie here.

Erin was back and came to the room to pick up Jackie as soon as speech was over.  The IV and the fact that Jackie was very tired dictated the type of activity that could be done so the focus was on stretching.

We continued to give Jackie meds for his system throughout the day.  He had a late, light lunch and then Paula picked him up for OT.  With the IV still in place, Paula also focused on stretching.  Transfers were worked on in both PT and OT.

Jackie ate a small dinner and then we stayed in the room and watched some TV.  After a shower Jackie had evening meds and went to bed.  The IV will run overnight to help replenish fluids.  We are hoping to get back to a more normal schedule tomorrow.

Be kind to your brain, too often we forget how critical its function is to our entire body.  Going through a TBI sends that message loud and clear.  When we sit on the second floor terrace we can see Race St.  We see people of all ages riding bicycles weaving between cars, we see kids on skateboards and we see parents pushing strollers without keeping a close eye on their precious cargo.  Many of these people are not wearing helmets.  There are so many times I wish I could just yell down to them and have them stop and take a tour of the fourth floor at Magee.  It only takes a second to change your life forever.  In some cases you can make a choice to help prevent serious injury to the brain.  I just do not understand why so many do not make that choice.