Monday, August 4 – Wednesday, August 6

Revolving Door From Magee To Jeff

On Monday, testing and conversations continued with different specialty teams at Thomas Jefferson Hospital.  After reviewing all of Jackie’s symptoms with the teams and ruling things out, GI issues seemed to be the catalyst.

Jackie was rehydrated with continuous IV fluids and was released to come back to Magee Tuesday night.  PTL

Jackie still seemed a little off on Wednesday.  The therapists were in agreement.  The speech team at Jefferson moved him back to a restricted diet which he began to follow at Magee.

Jackie went to all of his therapy sessions and had dinner.  We had some concerns after dinner as Jackie once again did not seem right.  We worked with Magee staff and decided to have him seen once again at Thomas Jefferson.  We are currently waiting to see if Jackie will be admitted for further testing.

One of the reasons we selected Magee was its proximity to excellent hospitals.  I don’t think we ever imagined how much that reason would come into play.

Day by day Jackie continues to tough it out.  At some point that revolving door will lead to home and that will be a day to celebrate.

Thanks for your continued positive thoughts, prayers and support.