Thursday, August 7

Trying To Get Back On Track

After a very long night in the ER we returned to Magee.  We spoke with several teams and after some testing felt Jackie was stable enough to return to rehab.  We were glad we did not have to be admitted.

Needless to say Jackie was exhausted all day.  We let him sleep in and the therapists worked with us to rearrange his schedule. We were out of routine all day which makes it hard to fit everything in.  Jackie managed to get through his therapy sessions and ate and slept when he could.  We did not get a shower due to his lethargy. It just would not be safe.

We got him into bed early and he fell asleep right away.  He is getting more IV fluids to ensure he stays hydrated.  We are hoping that each day gives Jackie more strength.

Lindsay and Florent are planning to visit this weekend.  I’m sure this visit will give Jackie the boost he needs. I can’t wait for a hug from my sweet pea.

Enjoy your day, appreciate everything and laugh during those times you may want to cry.

As always thanks for your continued positive thoughts and prayers.